About ASLI

In 2012, the African Union Commission (AUC) established the African Union Space Working Group (AUSWG) to among other things, develop a suite of governance instruments, towards the formalisation of the African Outer Space Programme. The first set of instruments developed by the AUSWG were the African Space Policy and the African Space Strategy. These documents were adopted by African Heads of States and Governments in 2016, and the African Space Agency (AfSA) was established in 2018. In the process of drafting the African Space Policy and Strategy, it became clear that there is a dearth in knowledge and skills in space policy, strategy, and law, in Africa.

The African Space Leadership Institute (ASLI) is Africa’s first space-focused think tank whose aim is to fill the gaps in space policy- and decision-making in Africa. See conceptual document here.

ASLI was eventually launched on 4th October 2022, ushering in a new dispensation for space in Africa. ASLI is poised to facilitate the success of the African outer space programme as well as national space programmes, by bootstrapping knowledge and expertise in both engineering and non-engineering fields.



An African space ecosystem that meets the developmental needs and aspirations of Africa, and that is globally responsible and relevant.

ASLI’s vision is in line with the vision of Agenda 2063 – the framework document for Africa’s development.



To develop Africa’s capabilities and capacity in space policy, strategy, law, governance and leadership.


To achieve our Mission and respond to our Vision, there are three key objectives that will be pursued by ASLI and these include: 

  • Increase and deepen space knowledge in Africa
  • Strengthen Africa’s participation in international forums
  • Support strong strategic positioning of space programmes in Africa

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