Maximizing International Space Cooperation

5 days
Start Date
29 Sept 2024
About the Course

Space activities are now integral to daily personal and global activities. They contribute to socio-economic and political progress, environmental sustainability, as well as scientific advancement. Given the role that space plays in the international scene, including serving as a tool for peace and security, African countries need to leverage on space cooperation/diplomacy in order to advance their internal and international interests.

This course is aimed at equipping professionals, policy makers and representatives, with the knowledge and skills needed for space cooperation and diplomacy. It will also provide an opportunity for participants to understand the African space ecosystem as well as gain expertise in formulating policy and governance frameworks to promote responsible, sustainable, and inclusive participation in space activities.

Beginning with international relations theory, the course explores modern tools of diplomacy.


Expected learning outcomes

  • Appreciate the importance of space cooperation

  • Learn to utilise the tools of space diplomacy

  • Understand how national interests influences space cooperation, trade, technology transfer and exports

  • Understand the nexus between foreign policy and space policy

  • Ability to engage in bilateral and multilateral discussions as well as organisations

  • Enhanced understanding of space policy and law frameworks, as well as their application in the African context.


Who should attend?

  • Government officials

  • Council members

  • Public servants

  • Foreign service officers

  • Science attaches

  • Organisation/Team Leads

  • Journalists

  • Young professionals

  • Students

Benefits of participation

  • Gain knowledge in international relations theory and practice

  • Acquire skills in space diplomacy

  • Earn a verifiable certificate after completion

  • Become part of the ASLI Network


Key topics to be covered

  • The outer space environment: what where, why and how?

  • Benefits and applications of space exploration

  • AU space application programmes

  • UN space treaties and principles

  • The African Space Policy and Strategy

  • International relations theory and applications

  • Space geopolitics

  • International cooperation and diplomacy


29 Sept – 4 Oct 2024

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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