Happy holidays!

December 22, 2023

The year 2023 is gradually coming to an end. It’s also our first full year of activities (though we are not yet at FOC). As we reflect on the year, made possible by your immense support and encouragement, we can’t thank you enough.

We continued our regular programmes: Policy Talks, Space Policy Roundtables and Webinars.

Policy Talks is a conversation series on pertinent issues and how they affect Africa. Many thanks to our guests: Mr Joseph U. Ibeh, Dr Ezinne Uzo-Okoro, Dr Adigun Ade ABIODUN, Dr Adrian Tiplady, Prof Sias Mostert, Mr Imraan Saloojee, Ms Carla Sharpe and Dr Narayan Prasad.

Space Policy Roundtables are high-level discussions featuring professionals and leaders ranging from government, academia and industry. We thank all our guests at the three roundtables that we organised during the year: Dr Doreen Agaba, Dr Ayman Ahmed, Mr Charles Mwangi, Dr Taiwo Tejumola, Dr Anita Antwiwaa, Dr Tidiane Ouattara, Prof Massimiliano Vasile, Dr Zolana Joao, Mr Davis Cook, Prof Paul Baki, Prof Sa’id Mosteshar, Mr Clen Cook, Prof Babatunde Rabiu, Prof Mazlan Othman, Dr Amore Nel, Ms Jane Egerton-Idehen, Brig Hillary Kipkosgey and Col Andrew Nyawade.

We organised 3 webinars on space sustainability. Thanks to our facilitators: Mr Petr Bohacek, Dr Brian Weeden, Prof Ram Jakhu, Prof Steven Freeland, Prof Setsuko Aoki, Mr Bayar Goswami and Mr David Kuan-Wei Chen. Thanks also to Dr Kevin Pomfret and Mr Andre Nonguierma for the webinar on geospatial policy and legal frameworks. Etim Offiong facilitated a webinar on space diplomacy. We also partnered with the Research Institute for Innovation and Sustainability (RIIS) and University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School, for a webinar on space innovation and entrepreneurship.

We launched three new programmes: Public Lectures, ASLI Education and Space for Africa Competition.

The first Public Lecture was in honour of Dr Adigun Ade Abiodun (former Chair of UN-COPUOS). We thank Prof Mazlan Othman for her lecture.

ASLI Education organised three courses: Space Policy (SPC); Space Law & Governance (SLG); and African Space Policy & Strategy (ASP). Many thanks to all our facilitators namely Dr Adigun Ade Abiodun, Prof Paul Baki, Prof Mariel Borowitz, Dr Tare Brisibe, Dr Namrata Goswami, Prof Keith Gottschalk, Dr Valanathan Munsami, Dr Tidiane Ouattara, Prof Nicolas Peter, Dr Narayan Prasad, Dr Taiwo Tejumola, Prof Stephan Hobe, Dr Peter Martinez, Mr Duncan Blake, Ms Joy-Marie Lawrence, Ms Andiswa Mlisa, Mr Semou Diouf, Ms Ruvimbo Samanga, Ms Lina Pohl, Dr Adrian Tiplady, Prof James Chibueze, Dr Anastasia Gbem, Mr Etim Offiong and Ms Lami Omale. 

Of the 76 submissions for the Space for Africa Competition, 14 winners were selected to participate in the ASP course.

We participated in a couple of other events including NewSpace Africa Conference (NSAC), South Africa National Space Conference, Futures of European Space Exploration, International Astronautical Congress (IAC), AU-EU space dialogue and Africa-UK Space Tour. We commend the organisers of these programmes (Space in AfricaAfrican Union CommissionSouth African National Space AgencyEuropean Space Policy Institute (ESPI)International Astronautical FederationUnited Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)Innovate UK KTN and RIIS) and look forward to supporting your efforts in 2024.

Many thanks to Dr Ezinne Uzo-Okoro for crowning the year with her lecture at ASP’s graduation.

We’ve accomplished all of this because of your immense support and encouragement. Hence, we are grateful.

We wish you happy holiday.